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@Retro Bug: Your SU looks pretty good except for a few minor changes. Firstly, Rolsten is more of a small continent/region than a country. So pick one of the countries there (Raelus seems to be the one she is actually from) and that change is done. Also, more of a suggestion than a necessary revision: you did not fully explain why the Monks would select her as a representative. We could probably glaze over that since everything else is great. I especially love how you explained why a Dwarf would do anything with an Elf and then have a child out of it. You are pending for now. Just change up the country of origin and we can formally accept you.

@Claire*: You are accepted! Excellent SU. I love Dwarves. Welcome to Aerion!

@Lilizuki: I always played human or Dwarf in D&D myself, so if I remember correctly playing Half-Elf was almost the same as playing human, but I could be wrong. It's been a while.

Anyway, on to your question. Generally speaking, I do not see why we need put limitations on equipment, as I expect everyone to be fairly reasonable. Obviously, everyone will be carrying their preferred weapon and general traveling gear that their character would bring. If that character is a mage, perhaps a few books. An experienced wanderer may bring a bedroll or camping gear. A dwarf may bring alcohol.

Personally, one of my characters Cass will be bringing lots to drink and a lot of weapons, because I can.

If Supervegeta has any preferences, he can and should bring them up, but off the top of my head, I have no limitations in mind. I will keep it vague for the time being and if I to bring in any rules or restrictions, I will.

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