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Originally Posted by dbp View Post
The expression and body language in the fourth picture make me feel something for either the character, or engages me into the setting. It's as if I want to know more as to get a full understanding of the situation.
Well if you haven't played the telltale Walking-Dead game to the finish: spoilers, but explanation ahead.


The girl, Clementine, was rescued by Lee, and traveled with him throughout the game, Lee became like a father to her and at the end of the game, Lee gets bitten.
The conclusion is that Clementine has to shoot lee to prevent him from turning, whilst he is handcuffed to a radiator. [It's his hand you can see in the image.]

The image actually breaks cannon quite a bit, as in that Clementine looks around 15-16 where as in the games she is 9. I simply found it amusing to imagine her as an older, more grown up version, hence the smoking.
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