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Oh LilJz1234... you're gonna make me cry. :( *sigh* Well, I guess Disney bought Pixar technically.

Pinkie-Dawn, that's an interesting point you bring up. I've never looked into the timing, myself. It's something to investigate, but there's no denying where the audiences are flocking as well for current trends in animation. I recently read a journal article that I might apply to my thesis paper, but it essentially shows in detail how audiences shifted from 2D to 3D big time starting way back with Toy Story, and the amount of money each 3D major release (I think between Pixar and Dream Works) has made compared to the highest grossing 2D movie, which I think was Bambi. In short, Bambi didn't even come close. And the article was published before Toy Story 3, so I'm not entirely sure where Bambi sits now.

I think the general public finds 3D more interesting overall, but it could be an aesthetic. Perhaps they find it more relatable in its realism? Maybe the story telling from Pixar's eariler movies makes people of all ages assume each 3D movie's going to be a deep experience? Or maybe older audiences (from let's say late teens to single adults) have a "cartoons are for kids mentality" that they can't get past when they see drawings in motion. I don't really know for sure, I'm not sure anyone knows. There are exceptions of course in the form of animation enthusiasts, but we're a small number in the grand scheme (and not only that, but there's a lot of people who still enjoy animation well into adulthood who just aren't motivated enough to see a moive. Tickets are expensive, movies are usually a social event, blahdablah blah).

There are many variables, but I think the only one corporate Disney focuses on to the point of exclusivity is the money. I recall PotF getting really positive reviews from critics overall, but that didn't matter at all. The cash speaks the loudest, and I feel like Tangled's monetary success didn't necessarily make a good case for 2D following immediately afterword.

Anyhow, I also agree with the Godzilla sentiment. But do you mean Godzilla specifically, or all of Toho? I'd buy Mothra plushies in an instant if they started making some. They probably already are, somewhere.

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