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Just want to request SAV file for either Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald which has Liechi Berry (and any other rare berries in it).

Anyway I wanna share my Ruby SAV that is a part of my personal project. It's incomplete so far.

Game: Pokemon Ruby
Player's Name: TERRY
Playing Time: 275:52
Number of Badges: 8 - beaten Elite 4 long already
Location: Oldale Town
Team: All being put in the boxes, only Pokemon in party is a Lv. 30 Grimer
Pokemon in Boxes: Got several, refer to the "Team" part above
Additional Information:
1) All legitimate, except for some Pokemon and rare berries which are traded from other SAVs
2) No in-game legendaries, transferred out already
3) Some Pokemon with PokeRus in the box.
4) 4 occupied secret bases where 3 of them is from my other project as well
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