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    Title: Twisting Fate of a Girl and Spinarak
    Link to fic: Here
    Summary: This is about a former trainer named Melissa that traveled out of Johto. She wanted to be a Pokemon Coordinator and is currently a bit of an amateur. But as soon as she realized that she needs four Pokemon, her ways of winning are changed.
    Genre: OT, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
    Degree of Completion: In Progress
    One-shot or Chaptered Fic: Chaptered

    Title: The Yearn for Lucy
    Link to fic: Here
    Summary: This is a story that follows the struggle Shuppet "Bonnie" faced as a doll not wanting attention. But she meet a girl named Lucy, that lost her happiness when her cousin died and when her dad left her. Will they get along and will Shuppet become a Pokemon?
    Genre: OT, Pokemon POV
    Degree of Completion: Complete
    One-shot or Chaptered Fic: One Shot