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I was kind of wondering when you'd get around to making one, or even if once I realized the art in your signature/avatar was yours.

But there's just so much here that it's actually causing it to load everything slooooowwllllyyyyy. I dunno what that could be, are your images really huge on DA? Maybe it's DA itself through a bottleneck right now?

It seems like you have a whole lot to show, here, which is great. Most of loaded right up, and then others where just blank spots or half loaded, so I'm only going to talk about what I was able to see.

First off, I really like, or rather I always liked the Unova scenary, and the Mei and Ampharos find a hidden grotto piece. The pixel art is pretty hot stuff, too. I like what you did for Lumiere most of all, there.

I like the stutter comic, and a lot of your work from the unfinished pile has a certain flair to it, in the posing, and the cleanliness of the lineart. It shows your strengths. Uh, everything else didn't really load except the 2010 gallery, but it's interesting to see where you were 2 years ago. Or almost 3. It seems like what changed the most was your coloring technique, which usually seems to be the case for most artists once they have their personal style down.

So, that's all I got.

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