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    Peak of Mt. Coronet
    Bay looked upward towards the spirits, tuning out everything external and frowned out of frustration. He knew he had been here before but when he tried to reflect on the time he was here, it just gave him a headache. The mountain had an ominous feel about it even as Bay put this thought behind him thinking it might come to him later.

    He turned around to see Cinder and Cole hiking down the mountain, unsure why but glad that this was the outcome. He was unaware that his brown puffy tail was now retracting back into his body, making him look seemingly normal again. Then he walked over to Amethyst and Lucy curious of why the boys were leaving, seeing that Lucy's stomach was normal sized again and frowned. "What did you do with him?" he said, sure that she digested him but hoping that she didn't. A grim look appeared on his face as he felt pained to think that this girl ate a human being whole in the amount of time it took for him to regroup with them. He violently shook his head in disapproval, to himself more than anyone else. "Forget it." he said distantly, looking at Amethyst, and then to the ground again.

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