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    Happy New Year!

    You know what this means? It's time for the 2013 Yearly Quest!

    As we all know, the world ended on December 21st, 2012, causing a zombie apocalypse. Millions of people must survive to beat the zombies, generations must band together...that's right, you need to bond with many generations of shinies!


    1) Obtain a 1st gen shiny
    2) Obtain a 2nd gen shiny
    3) Obtain a 3rd gen shiny
    4) Obtain a 4th gen shiny
    5) Obtain a 5th gen shiny
    6) Complete any two Monthly Quests throughout the 2013 year

    These can be done in any order. The shinies must be obtained by yourself, and no chaining or hacking is allowed. Have fun!

    The standard weighting is in place: it's fine if you use the shiny charm for your 5th gen shiny, but you'll have to get 3 of them!

    The January Monthly Quest!!

    It's time for the New Year! As we welcome the baby New Year for 2013, may we welcome him with baby shiny Pokemon!

    Capture any 2 shiny baby Pokemon! This includes Magby, Elekid, Bonsly, etc., as well as Togepi!

    The contest lasts until midnight EST on February 1st, 2013.

    Good luck and have fun!



    I haven't posted in nearly a month, so I'm just going to give a general congrats to everyone who got shinies and welcome all the new members to the club! May 2013 yield many more shinies!

    Originally Posted by PekoponTAS View Post
    I tried to take a picture, but it turned out really blurry.
    Good thing we don't have anyone who posts blurry pictures in this club...that would just be terrible! (Although it's been so long since I've gotten a shiny, most people probably won't get the joke, "lol!")

    Keep hunting and may the shiny Poochyena be a blessing of good things to come!

    Originally Posted by ThatIceman View Post
    Guys listen the way i get alot of shinys fast is very simple .. i already got shinys in other games i own so i trade them to only 1 game pokemon emerald oh and btw i did RNG them and i used a method it is : get 2 shinys 1 male 1 female different species and different id number but same OT and 1 Japanese [female] and other from USA or EUR [male] and make them breed on a crystal japanese version thats all oh and you must have in your team a pokemon above level 50 with flamebody and a shiny pokemon [female] in the party and put it next to that egg and thats all and wala! you get the pokemon you want and it will be shiny with a 80% chance and if you RNGed them you have a 90% chance of getting shiny

    i am dieing to get a heracross i will start hunting it NOW btw i meant i am hunting it since the morning
    Um...I don't think that's totally right. Emerald's RNG definitely is broken, but the way you described... You say that you need Crystal Version for your method, but a lot of the shinies in your sig are 3rd gen, so you couldn't have gotten them all that way! Crystal isn't compatible with advanced gen games, the level of the Pokemon doesn't matter, the location of the egg in your party doesn't matter, I've never heard the 80%-90% thing... Could you please be a little bit more clear about what you're doing? If you're RNGing for shinies, that's fine, but please don't lie to us! We know you can't get shinies from Emerald onto Crystal.
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