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Originally Posted by shubshub View Post
Beat All The Gyms
Traded Over my Main Team From Pokemon Black -Garchomp, Electivire, Haxorus, Pinsir, Volcarona, Chandelure-
Beat The Elite 4
Beat Alder
Currently Challenging White Treehollow Unova Challenge
Beat Area 1
Beat Area 2
Beat Area 3
Beat Area 4
Beat Area 5
Beat Area 6
Last Night:
Beat Area 7
Beat Area 8
Beat Area 9
Beat Area 10
Obtained Shiny Dratini
Began Battle With Cynthia -Sinnoh Region Champion-

At 12:00am New Years Day
Beat Cynthia

New Years Day -After 12:00am-
Had Double Battle with Chilli and Cress with Cilan as My Partner
-Begin Edit- Shiny Dratini Evolved into Shiny Dragonair -End Edit-
Battled Cheren
Battled N
Battle My Rival
Did the Battle Institute -Battle 1: Win, Battle 2: Win, Battle 3: Win, Battlen 4: Loss, Battle 5: Win-
Traded Over Japanese Zekrom from my English Pokemon Black Game
Caught Reshiram -Level 70- -Broke out of 1 Critical Capture-
Caught Kyurem -Level 70-
Got DNA Splicer's
Had some Fun Fusing Kyurem and Reshiram Together Along with Zekrom also -Black Kyurem Looks Boss-

Will Keep Posting when Iv'e done more
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