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    Originally Posted by SchokoInc View Post
    Oh thanks i didn't get i had to do that too even if i don't use it :< (the FEFEFE08 bytes still confused me :o ) but even with the pointers changed to D0 00 80 08 and 00 01 80 08 and
    0A 01 40 01 09 01 54 01 2B 01 inserted at 0x800100 the game still freezes right at the intro :< (not even the game-freak-logo anymore :o ) while it already plays the screen-fading before a battle and freezes afterwards and not before Oh and a-map can't open any maps in the rom anymore :O Sorry for bothering again
    I don't know what the second half of that post actually means, as to the title screen freezing (or earlier) that could only happen if there's some sort of conflict with another existing hack, or if you screwed up somewhere, since this is the same code that runs in LC (and runs fine, I may add).
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