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    Name: Ethan Servais

    Age: 25

    Ethan's dark chocolate brown hair does as it wishes. It has been cut so that it is long enough to have a mind of its own, but not quite long enough to go past his ears. When the sun hits it at just the right angle, it appears to be black. His eyes are a light grey color and far wiser than they once were, though they still retain a certain level of the arrogant haughtiness that prevailed in his youth. They contrast with his tanned skin, from working outside for hours a day with his Pokemon. As a result of the same, he is well muscled and acclimated to extensive physical activity. Ethan's favorite shirt is still a dark grey one with an smokey abstract Gyarados design, as it has been since he was young, though it is a different one since then, naturally. He stands at six feet even, but isn't very intimidating; his expression is soft and gentle, and his temper is slow to ignite.

    His wardrobe generally consists of black or white tanks, fairly baggy shirts of various colors, jeans for casual occasions, and cargo pants when he plans to go training. Ethan's shoes contrast heavily from one purpose to another. He has reasonably clean black tennis shoes for the every day, and plain black boots when he trains. They're thick soled, scuffed, and highly funtional.

    When the roleplay begins, Ethan will be wearing the aforementioned Gyarados shirt over a black undershirt, dark khaki cargo pants, the boots, and a short sleeved khaki vest-style jacket with several pockets. There are six on the front, each embroidered with a name in a certain color. The first says Verde in a soft green; the second, Flare in flame red; the third, Maverick in a light blue; the fourth, Kodona in silver; the fifth, Oliver in a creamy color; and the sixth, Calix in lilac purple. On his head he will be wearing a black bandana in the sweatband fashion, with the Sarvais family crest embroidered in gold thread.

    Personality: Though he tries not to be, Ethan has a tendency to be proud, arrogant, and over confident. In his youth these qualities prevailed over all others to the extreme. Since then he has matured considerably, but there's still a hint of the old haughtiness every now and then, particularly in battle. He has learned a respect for his Pokemon and he never asks more of them than they are capable of delivering. This does not mean he does not push them; he just doesn't expect them to exhaust themselves. His best mate in the entire world is Verde, his Butterfree. He takes pride in their bond, as well as her training, seeing as he has been the one presiding over her training for the last decade.

    Somewhat stoic, Ethan isn't the type to gush emotions out into the open where anyone can see them. On the other hand when he cares for someone he always assures that they know it. He is very hardworking and will push his body to the physical limit, though he is expert at figuring out when his Pokemon need rest. His aspirations are to bring the Sarvais family name to the highest glory he can. When he was young his father told him to make the family look good, and he intends to make that happen. As much as his father has expressed disappointment in him throughout his lifetime, Ethan always strives to make him proud.

    History and motives for entering: Ethan grew up with his mother and father in Canalave City, where his father owned several ships. Seeing as Canalave is a hub of trade they made a fair deal of money, ascertaining that they never wanted for anything. Being an only child Ethan was spoiled beyond what he ought to have been and given anything he asked for, whether it was essential to his happiness and wellbeing. The family owned a pet Glameow--or more accurately, Ethan's mother coveted a very fat and aggressive Glameow that she insisted was a family pet. Though he never liked it, when he was young Ethan would take it out into the front yard and train it to attack trees and such. That didn't go so well, as it was too fat to move quickly, but it sparked his interest in eventually building a Pokemon team.

    When he was ten Ethan's father's business went under, quite literally; a massive population increase of Wailmer caused the sea to become saturated with the spherical fish Pokemon. One by one they sank the Sarvais' ships. With nothing left for them in Canalave they moved to Sandgem. Ethan neither liked nor disliked the move; he never really got along with kids in Canalave. In Sandgem it was much easier to manipulate the more sheltered children into thinking he was a cool rich kid and they should like him because of that. He matured slightly as he grew older, but not by much. He at least learned to be kinder to his peers, to manipulate people less, and to appreciate what he had slightly more. No matter the change, however, he was still a spoiled rich brat at heart. So when the distribution of Pokemon was announced he had to be one of the first to sign up. With his spot securely taken, all he had to do was wait to be introduced to the partner that would be with him, so he hoped, for the rest of his life. The partner was not at all what he had accepted; when he went to Professor Birch's lab he was given a Caterpie. Angered by what he considered to be an unfair twist of fate, he got halfway between Sandgem and Jubilife when he tried to abandon the Caterpie. Despite his best efforts, however, guilt overcame him and he turned back before he got to Jubilife. Then he resolved never to be so callous again and to accept what was given to him. It was an important lesson that would stay with him.

    When he reached Jubilife Ethan traded a Rattata he'd captured for Flare, the Vulpix. On his way to the next city he captured Maverick, who happened to be a Magikarp at the time. After his evolution he, along with his two teammates, became Ethan's most highly used Pokemon. This rings true to this day.

    Ethan defeated the Sinnoh league and the Elite Four when he was seventeen, two years after he started. After that he returned home to his parents for a while to prove that he had brought glory to the family name. For the first time in his life his father told him he was proud of him, while his mother cooed over Verde, his old Caterpie evolved into Butterfree, and Flare. The next step, he decided, was to move to Hoenn and take that challenge as well. He would not rest until he had at least two Elite Four victories under his belt.

    In Hoenn he acquired Oliver the Persian - a Meowth at the time - and Calix the Espeon, in that order. Oliver, he caught. Calix, he he traded for a Noctowl he'd caught in Sinnoh. The Noctowl, named Yoruna, had never been one of his favorite Pokemon. He used her for her strength, but seeing as she'd tried and almost succeeded in eating Verde when he caught her, he'd always disliked her. Calix was a much better addition to his team, primarily because he didn't try to eat anyone.

    In the Hoenn league, Ethan was just as successful as he'd been in the Sinnoh league. He adored Hoenn, so when he was finished he settled down in Lavaridge. Training in this area helped his team to build a resistance to Fire and Rock types.

    Through word of mouth Ethan had heard about the Ultima Cup over the years but he had never believed his team ready for it. However, after the rigorous training in Lavaridge he finally thinks they’re ready for the heavy competition. Money is not his motive; obviously he has had money throughout his childhood and he knows that it is not as important as some may think. No, he wants entry into the Johto league without having to go through the gym battles. With that victory he would only have to challenge Unova and Kanto before he’d mastered every reachable area. That, surely, would make his father proud.

    Current Team as of entry (species, gender, ability, 4 moves)

    -Verde was Ethan's first Pokemon. Received from Birch as a Caterpie, he wasn't a big fan of her at first. In fact, he tried to abandon her. But he came back for her, and since then their bond has grown. Ethan usually lets her stay out of her ball and if she can't perch on his shoulder, she grasps his back and folds her wings, making it look almost as though he has wings. She's wildly territorial and doesn't like other females of any species around him, besides the Pokemon on her team. Other than that she's docile and will only attack when ordered to.
    -Verde looks exactly like any other female Butterfree, with dark spots on her lower wings, save for eight lighter purple markings on her right side. On closer inspection it is apparent that they are scars in the shape of talons. This is due to when Ethan's Noctowl from the Sinnoh league tried to carry her off and eat her.

    -Quiver Dance, Solarbeam, Psychic, Bug Buzz

    -Ethan caught a Rattata between Sandgem and Jubilife when he was fifteen. He traded that Rattata in Jubilife for Flare and has never regretted it. She didn't like him much when he first got her, but over time she's grown affectionate toward him. Flare evolved during Ethan's gym battle with Flannery, surprising him. As it turns out there was a fire stone laying on the ground and she accidentally stepped on it. Neither of them regret it, since it has caused a huge boost in her power.
    -There is no real unique quality to Flare's appearance. If anything, her forelock is a bit longer. Around her neck she wears a brown leather collar with a little gold tag with her name on it.

    -Flash Fire
    -Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Attract, Disable

    -Ethan caught Maverick as a Magikarp in a pond just outside Jubilife. He was a total accident; Ethan initially threw the ball at an Abra, that teleported out of the way just in time. When it evolved it became his powerhouse. For every tough battle he sends Maverick in first, because he knows that he is quite capable of winning through sheer strength. Maverick is like nitroglycerin. He is completely gentle, unless someone touches him. This is only unauthorized touching, mind. Ethan and his teammates are fine, but if other trainers touch him he will attack first and ask later.
    -Maverick is about the same as any other Gyarados as far as appearance goes, but his scales are a slightly lighter blue than those of other Gyarados.

    -Hydro Pump, Thrash, Dragon Dance, Scald

    -Kodona was Ethan's fourth Pokemon. Captured as an Aron, she has been an integral part of his battling team since. Often he will pair her with Maverick as a double battle team. Maverick will use Hydro Pump, Thrash, and other such vicious attacks, and Kodona will use Earthquake. Maverick is immune to it, so it is a devastating attack that doesn't affect her team mate. Due to all of their battles together Kodona and Maverick have developed a strong bond. It's difficult to have the two of them out at the same time, but whenever he can Ethan allows them to have time together.
    -Kodona is meticulous about the cleanliness of her armor. She keeps it clean and shining at all times and prides herself on how strong it is.

    -Rock Head
    -Take Down, Earthquake, Metal Sound, Iron Defense

    -Oliver was digging out of the trash outside Ethan's house when he found him. On a whim he sent Verde to incapacitate him so that he could capture him. The attempt was successful. Seeing as Ethan has not challenged a league since he captured Oliver, he has not seen much action. He has, however, seen just enough to have evolved into a Persian. Oliver's evolution didn't change his inherently sweet and gentle nature, nor his adoration of Pecha berries.
    -Oliver's ears are floppy, almost like a dog or newborn kitten. One would think this would inhibit his hearing but it in fact does not. His tail is more curled than is normal as well, suggesting that he's very healthy and well cared for, but inexperienced.

    -Slash, Power Gem, Screech, Swagger

    -A traveler passing through Lavaridge posted a sign at the Center advertising that he had an Espeon for trade. The traveler noted that he wanted a good strong Flying type. That meant Yoruna. Ethan went to the Center rooms and offered the Noctowl for trade. It was accepted immediately, which meant that Ethan had a new addition to his team. Calix turned out to be perfect. He and Verde worked well together, and are a perfect double battle team. Calix is quiet; in fact, Ethan had never heard him make a single sound, besides purrs. He is of the belief that he is mute. But Calix expresses everything he needs to with his large purple eyes.
    -Calix is slick, thin, and lithe. His size allows him to move quickly, and he's incredibly graceful. His mannerisms are reminiscent of a dancer, even.

    -Psychic, Future Sight, Last Resort, Protect
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