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Originally Posted by Mysticdeer View Post
Hey. I guess I should prolly post something. Name's Liiz or Mysti if you want. No the Mysti is not a pokemon thing it's cause I'm mysticdeer. Uh. Well. Hope to get along with all of you.
Hello Mysti, and welcome to PC!

I have to say having a talent for embroidery is interesting, I'm not good at it myself but it looks like fun. And we're glad you joined, cos you might like our broad range of topics to discuss! Cirno already directed you to Video Games and Japanese Entertainment, which have been lacking activity recently so you could show those two sections they need more love.

Also, we have Pokemon Anime and the various Pokemon Gaming sections too, I hang out in most parts of the site so you'll probably see me a lot. But with a forum this big there's that chance you'll get lost, and that's where the staff come in. They are always happy to show you around, and if you need a mentor to guide you around your fave section you can check out the PC Adoption Center.

I'm Hikari, and if you ever need to talk I'm always open. Just send a VM! Have fun here Mysti!

- Hikari10
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