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Are you teased often?
If so, what about?
Potentially a sensitive topic, yeah.

Nobody teases me in a serious way, though they certainly have reason to! Actually, one person did somewhat make fun of me- he later claimed that he wasn't. No matter, though; I punched him and he's never mentioned what he was teasing about again. (:

Family of course teases me. Usually doesn't bother me, though. It does get on my nerves, however, when my dad uses the way I dress (apparently he doesn't like my wearing dark clothes) as a target to tease me. x: It's just what family does, though, hmm?

My other friend likes to tease by calling me an alcoholic and a drug addict, but she's obviously just joking and knows very well that those things aren't true. I guess it's just because of a sort of misunderstanding. One of them, at least. The other isn't true but she kind of has reason to tease about.
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