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    Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
    As long as Game Freak/Nintendo doesn't have a year gap, then I'll be fine. I'm worried that Gen VI will be released in 2013, and then we wont get any game in 2014.

    Ever since R/S, they have left the year after a main generation's release empty with no mainline released. After R/S was released in 2002, there was nothing in 2003. After D/P were released in 2006, there was nothing in 2007. After B/W were released in 2010, there was nothing in 2011. If Gen VI comes in 2013, does that mean they will leave 2014 empty? Japan just had the gap year in 2011, and they released

    The gap years seem to have been (I'm not counting 2005 since we had FR/LG and Emerald released in 2004 which is obviously why there was nothing in 2005):

    Judging by that, the years without games seem to come every four years. So I'm guessing it means 2015 could be an empty year? We can go by this pattern, or we can go by the pattern that there is a gap after a main generation is released - so we can't come to any conclusion otherwise.

    I just hope we don't have another empty year before the remakes come, because we'll likely just be waiting even longer. I would hope that the remake/s come in 2014 for Emerald's anniversary.

    Gamefreak already said there is no set pattern for release so you can't gauge what will be released based on what we've had in the past.