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    Chapter 3

    “What do you mean?” Bisharp asked. Reyes showed him a soaked double-page photo of the Sinnoh region.

    “Well, listen to this,” Reyes turned the page and read, “‘A young man, callow and foolish in innocence, came to own a sword. With it, he smote Pokémon, which gave sustenance, with carefree abandon. Those not taken as food, he discarded, with no afterthought. The following year, no Pokémon appeared.”


    “Well, this says that in the beginning, Pokémon were hunted and eaten by humans.”

    “I hardly think that’s reason enough to start a whole revolution.”

    “Well, it’s not.” Seeing Bisharp’s confusion, and Dominic’s weariness, Reyes said, “I think we should find shelter.” Reyes lifted Dominic, swinging his arm over his shoulders and half-dragged him over the grass.

    “Continue, please,” Bisharp said, taking Dominic’s other arm. Sceptile enjoyed Celestic Town; it was a quiet place that held on to old customs, and he has always wanted to take things slow and easy and have things remain the same.

    “‘There once were Pokémon that became very close to humans. There once were humans and Pokémon that ate together at the same table. It was a time when there existed no differences to distinguish the two.’ This says that Pokémon and humans coexisted as equal beings rather than Trainer and Pokémon.” Reyes held the book open with his free hand.

    “What book is that anyway?”

    “Sinnoh Myths.”

    “Myths,” Bisharp said dully. Reyes rolled his eyes and took in the peaceful surroundings of Celestic Town.

    “Hey…hey…I’m fine…” Dominic said, pulling out of their grips and stumbling backwards. He scratched his ear. “I’m fine, just was frozen a little. Giga Impact does that.”

    Reyes folded his arms across his chest. Dominic snatched the book him his hand and dangled it in front of his face. “What’s this for?” he said, squinting.

    “Can’t you read?” Reyes said tiredly.

    “Well, ya, but there’s too much light for me to see, ok?” Dominic scratched his ear again. “Can I go sleep somewhere?” He shoved the book in his fur and dropped on all fours, scratching the same ear with his foot. “Arceus, damnit!”

    “What’s wrong?” Bisharp asked, seeing the frustrated look on Dominic’s face. He kicked at his ear until something the size of an eyeball flew into the air, exploding seconds later.

    “Whoa!” Dominic’s eyes widened. “That could’ve killed me!”

    Reyes extended his hand and caught the remaining bits of the tiny machine. “The rebels are getting some new tech,” he said, picking through the pieces. “You’re just lucky it didn't go too far in your ear, or else it would've exploded your brain out of your head.”

    “Hey, I have a question,” Bisharp said. “How hard is it to become a revolutionary?”

    “Very,” Dominic and Reyes said at the same time. Dominic got to his feet and continued, “Well, they teach you every move possible, and hand-to-hand ****, and some hard as hell endurance training where you spend an hour with whatever’s super-effective against you.”

    “No way.”

    “I can show you the scars.” Dominic pulled back the fur around his chest and arms, revealing fist-shaped scars.

    “A Charizard burned my pods off,” Reyes said darkly. “Three times.”

    “Brutal,” Bisharp breathed. Dominic and Reyes muttered their assent. “But I think I’ll become one anyway. It’d be nice to help out those in danger, and maybe even find my Trainer.”

    “Well,” Dominic clapped his hand on Bisharp’s shoulder. “When you do become one, feel free to join us.” He glanced at Reyes, expecting him to shoot him down.

    “Fine with me,” Reyes shrugged. Dominic’s ears drooped.

    “Reyes you dickhead,” he muttered, but before Reyes could reply Dominic ran down the stairs to the Celestic Shrine. “Cool!” Dominic exclaimed, going inside.

    “Dominic,” Reyes sighed. He started after him but stopped and glanced at Bisharp.

    “I’ll just go to the PokéCenter,” Bisharp said. Reyes made a face that seemed a bit apologetic but mostly came off sour. He ran down the steps and into the Shrine, nearly ramming right into Dominic’s back.

    “Dominic!” Reyes said. Then he noticed the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia examining a very strange drawing on the wall. She didn’t seem to notice them immediately and was just talking to herself.

    “This cave painting... It's always been described this way. The light in the center represents either Dialga or Palkia appearing at the Spear Pillar. The three lights around it were thought to be Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.” Reyes straightened up and she turned, appearing relieved they were only Pokémon.

    “Zoroark,” Dominic said, walking to the wall and pointing at the drawings. It sounded like “Zoroark” to Cynthia but Dominic actually said something much ruder. Reyes knocked him over the head.

    “Are you interested in these legends?” Cynthia asked, looking at them. Reyes and Dominic nodded, the latter doing so quite painfully.

    “I realized that there may be another way of interpreting this. Could this triangle of lights actually represent a different trio? Could they be Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina instead? And the large light at their center. Does it represent something else? Could it be what created this world of ours?” Seeing they were still interested, she continued, “A long time ago, I wonder what sort of person painted this? Dialga's Roar of Time... Palkia's Spacial Rend... To the people back then, those Pokémon really must have appeared to rule over time and space. Seeing them must have shaken the people to their very core. This painting represents those feelings of awe, wonder, and everything else. It passed that memory to countless people, eventually becoming a myth... That's what I believe as a researcher of myths.

    “‘Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.’ I think this quote, too, points to the presence of another Pokémon. A Pokémon even more powerful than Dialga or Palkia. Does that sound plausible to you? I'm not quite sure how Giratina fits into this scheme of things, but... It's said that in the Distortion World, neither time nor space is stable. I think that tells us something about Giratina, the only Pokémon there. It must have been as powerful as Dialga and Palkia, the rulers of time and space. In some way, though, Giratina has to have a power opposite of theirs.”

    Cynthia looked a bit startled, as if remembering the others’ presence. “I’m sorry. I’m not even that sure why I’m telling this to two Pokémon. Anyway, I've spent too much time here. I must return to Victory Road.” She smiled at Dominic and Reyes. “But I have enjoyed having someone other than myself to talk to.”

    “I enjoyed the information,” Reyes said. Cynthia hurried out of the Shrine and Reyes snapped his fingers in front of a dozing Dominic. His head snapped upwards and he wiped his mouth.

    “Man, that’s too much information for Dominic,” he said sullenly. “I learned about half of that in Pokémon School.”

    “Yeah, half. Don’t you want to know the other half?” Reyes said. Dominic gave him a sour look. “If it’s important to our work,” Reyes held out his hands exasperatedly.

    “Then you handle it,” Dominic said. “I just kick ass, I don’t think.”

    “Isn't that the statement of the century,” Reyes said sardonically. “The point is I think you should be interested if it’ll help end the war.”

    Dominic sighed heavily, scratching his ear. “Ok, ok, but I really can’t read in daylight. I was born like that.”

    “Were you born stupid too?”

    “Were you born a major smartass?”


    “Whatever,” Dominic rolled his eyes and turned towards the exit. “I’m joining Bisharp in the PokéCenter. I’m hungry.”

    Reyes joined him as they walked up the stairs from the Shrine. He didn't appreciate Dominic for his smarts (certainly not his smarts) or his fighting ability, but simply because he was a good friend and they always stuck together. Even though Reyes constantly made fun of Dominic for being stupid he really didn't mean it, as sometimes Dominic was smarter than he was.

    For instance, “Hey, how did the rebels get their hands on tech like that?” Dominic asked. “I’m pretty sure they don’t even sell it in the Department Store.”

    Reyes paused in front of the PokéCenter doors. “They could have a sort of financer.”

    “Financer?” Dominic looked halfway between laughter and anger. “What kind of person finances the destruction of human homes and lives?”

    “I don’t know, but there is the occasional crazy.”

    “Everyone has a little crazy in them.”

    “And I guess we have the most?”

    Dominic spread his arms. “C’mon friend, we’re as crazy as can be.”

    But Reyes just shook his head and said, “Dominic, you’re the only crazy one here. Now lets eat.”
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