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Not that I'm aware of. Maybe I'm not picking it up, though. I joke around with my sister sometimes but it's never anything close to negative (I may ask if she's doing "jerk stuff" very lightly but that's about it, and that's more in response to her asking me the same).

Outside of her, I don't really say anything, even in jest, mean about anyone. I think that vibe of being good natured or respectful is picked up on, because people tend to treat me differently. That is, I'm not called out of name (beyond "man" or "bro") or whatever, no ill will meant or not.

It's actually sort of interesting, people will even call each other swears jokingly, but I never get that. Maybe because I don't swear myself. I suppose that maybe you really do get treated the way you treat others. Humph. Well I definitely don't miss the middle/high school days.

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