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    After a few moments following the Kimono Girls' announcement, they abruptly appeared on stage once again to address the crowd. The performer they had called to the stage did not arrive yet, nor did it appear that she would anytime soon. Restless murmuring broke out amongst the crowd as they wondered what would happen next.

    "Doesn't seem like the violin player is here, wonder what's keeping her?" thought Randy as he sat and looked around the room. There wasn't anyone approaching the stage yet and heads were turning in the crowd.

    "Looks like our performer might have gotten cold feet. I wonder what the Kimono Girls will decide to do now," said Morty in a low voice.

    As the crowd waited, Eusine and his Alakazam walked onto the stage and joined the Kimono Girls. Their joined presence on the stage seemed to settle the restless people down, and the group were once again ready to speak as the attention from the crowd was focused on them.

    "Ahem, it seems as though our performer isn't quite able to make it to the stage," began Naoko. "Despite this minor surprise we will gladly move onto the next and final portion of the ceremony. Here we will welcome Eusine to the stage."

    "Thank you Kimono girls, and thank you all very much for your time tonight. I know that things haven't been easy in Johto lately, but I assure everyone that I have been doing all I can to try and find the cause behind the wild pokemon attacks and Suicune's disappearance," said Eusine as he spoke to the crowd. Alakazam stood beside him with a somber look on it's face, apparently the psychic pokemon was connected to the current emotional strain put on Eusine. "I have spent the majority of my time traveling and investigating these problems, and I've come to present my findings. So far the exact cause for the pokemon attacks is unknown but they seemed to have started around the same time Suicune disappeared, which leads me to believe the two events might be connected. I have traveled to areas where Suicune was last sighted and have been interviewing people to get more information. Tonight I would like to hear from you all regarding the current situation here in Johto so that I may stay updated on current information as well as figure out where I need to focus my efforts. So is there anyone who would like to share anything?"

    "Hm, I guess I should say something about that wild Poliwag I ran into? I don't want to have the whole room staring at me while I talk though," thought Randy has he shifted around in his seat. "Maybe I'll wait until after the ceremony when Morty and I meet up with Eusine, or at least wait until someone elses speaks first..."


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