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Originally Posted by cortney12334 View Post
OK, so after I won all 8 (well 10) gyms, I went back to pallet town. But instead of going to my mom, I went to Oak, and he wasn't downstairs with rival, but he was upstairs next to the empty pokeballs, and asked me if I wanted to store Pokemon with him, so when I went to the mom, she didn't tell me to talk to Oak, she just healed me. The warp was there already, but when I go to the entrance to Indigo in Viridian, Jenny's still there. Basically leaving me stuck there. Anyway around this or anything I'm missing in it??? Also, when I went to Seafoam, I was able to do the pikahuna, but not the slowpoke episode.
Basically you have not done many episodes that is why you can't go to the league. Check out the first page to compare the episode events you have done
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