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    Anyone know about Eggerland? It was a series from a long time ago by HAL Laboratory. I'd like to see something else become of that; I think its last appearance was in some PC game compilation in 2000 or 2001.

    Also, for that matter, a true return to the Shinobi series would be much appreciated. (remember, the one with Joe Musashi?)

    Shenmue, I think, is best left in the past, though it was great while it lasted. I just don't think it'd translate well to modern times. Also, Sega is really on its last legs by this point anyway; we'll be lucky to even get more than a couple of Sonic games out of them before they crash.

    Originally Posted by Digimon Kaiser View Post
    We need to localize all the Digimon games that have come out in Japan since 2010. We haven't gotten Lost Evolution, the two Xros Wars DS games, ReDigitize (since nobody outside of Japan gives two sh**s about the PSP), and I'm pretty sure we'll never get the game based of Season 1 that's due in Japan next month, which sadly is also for PSP.

    I mean, seriously!

    Port Redigitize and Adventure for 3DS! SOMETHING!
    The US actually hasn't gotten that many Digimon games, period, considering how many Japan has. The first Digimon game was Japan-only, and it was on the Sega Saturn. Of course, we also never got the WonderSwan or WonderSwan Color, and there were a few Digimon games there, too. I think there also may have been a couple on the PS1 that we never got.

    I honestly don't like Digimon games that much. They've always seemed a little simplistic and contrived to me, though I do look back on the late '90s and early '00s (my childhood) with extreme nostalgia, and Digimon is no exception (the show, at least, which I rarely watched but talked about with my friends). Nevertheless, the attention given to the franchise in the US seems a little low considering the size of its fanbase, and it is a little odd that Japan's gotten so many Digimon games that we haven't.
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