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Originally Posted by dreamengine View Post
I really love the backgrounds. Curious how did you make the backgrounds such as the fire and dragon ones? Did you draw it all by hand because that's just simply amazing.
The ones I drew by hand was the Aeroblast background, and the "extreme water" background (NOT THE WATERFALL).

The rest I didn't draw by hand. Most of them were made like this:
1. go to Google Images and type in "seamless _____ background" (such as seamless fire background)
2. Using Gimp, edit the background to my liking
3. Resize it to 128x128
4. Index it to 16 colors with Irfanview
5. Since the Ghost-type background that's already in-game uses a 128x128 background, I don't have to make a custom tilemap, I just have the custom backgrounds use the tilemap of the Ghost background.
6. Insert the indexed backgrounds into free space with unLZ
7. Using a hex editor, manually edit the background table (that I repointed and extended) and type in the correct pointers by hand. (this was really annoying and took forever, but it was so worth it)
8. Within the attack animations, have the background command use one of the new entries

However, a several of them required custom tilemaps. Those ones were:
1. the Waterfall BG
2. the Aeroblast BG
3. the "grass type" BG
4. the "extreme water" BG
5. the Wind Shatter BG

As for the Attack Order/Heal Order/Defend Order background (the one with a bunch of Combees), I just got a picture of Combee from Bulbapedia and then resized it, and the arranged it in away so that it can be repeated seamlessly, and indexed + resized it, then inserted it.

In case it isn't obvious, the Waterfall and "grass type" BGs are from D/P/Pt/HG/SS.


Look at the first result. Seem familiar? XD

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