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Until the end of January, anyone can answer any previous topics they missed (list below), please join the contest we need more contestants, and as a 2013 giveaway, 500 free points to all!
1st topic: Why is (starter you chose) your favorite?
2nd topic: What is your favorite shiny?
3rd topic: Why do you think makes Hoenn pokemon unique?
4th topic: What is your favorite badge?

Thanks for changing the topic Avishka, did you ask Checkers if you could? Anyways even if you didn't I'll let it pass since that was overdue xD If anyone wants to change the topic, contact me or Checkers and we'll most likely allow it, sometimes no since otherwise, there'd be no reason for some of the prizes.
Also, off-topic (and I'll bug you wherever I find you xD) ADMIT IT!
Back to topic, I say the Rain Badge
, region-wise because the place is filled with water but design-wise I love the Heat Badge
. And to answer the topic I missed:
I started with Mudkip and continued. We had great times, when I was in Mauville I grinded in the desert and Swampert Lv. 30-ish became a beast, when we were coming back to the lab after beating May we found a shiny Poochyena and I will answer you with a question "Can you get Pokeballs before getting the Pokedex?" :(, we captured the Weather Trio, the Regi's but never the Lati's, explored the WHOLE region, and leveled up to 100. Great times him and me.
Anyways, thank you Curtis Talli we'll vote at the 15th :D
I'll find out how many points everyone else has eventually, but until then au revoir mes amis!
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