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    Originally Posted by shreyanshvalentino View Post
    That's awesome!!!!
    & ya btw does the re-occuring events affect the gameplay in any way???bad eggs or something like that??
    No, not at all. They just re-appear due to me not setting those specific events up properly. For some players, the re-occuring is good for when you want multiple of the same legendary (i.e. Victini) & sometimes it's annoying when you want to re-enter a certain place for whatever reason and have to do an extra battle everytime you go in the specific place. But don't worry, they don't affect the gameplay at all.

    I also updated the wild Pokemon list with the Legendaries that are in the hack as well. This is for new players that didn't see my posts of which legendaries are available.

    Response to above post's edit: Groudon is hidden in Inferno Mountain in a part that's blocked off by boulders. You have to defeat Kisho in order to get Strength. With Strength, you can move those boulders and attempt to get Groudon on your team.

    Since it's New Years Day, here's a look at the newly redesigned Salem, Volair Forest, and the place where you battle V in front of the boat being taken over by Darugis:

    Volair Forest
    Outside of the Ship

    The ship has yet to be inserted and we're still working on cleaning up the tiles. Right now, Nightkymz is focused on inserting the specific tiles we'll be using for each place. And yes, we're going to insert a new pokecenter and mart when we're done with all of the revamped maps.

    Also, if you guys really enjoyed the hack, go vote for Dark Rising in the Hack of the Year thread at the hack showcase. I'm not even sure if it's still going on lol, but if it is, choose a category you feel Dark Rising fit the best in out of all of the other awesome hacks on the forum. Thanks everyone.