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    Originally Posted by Wandering~Leaf View Post
    @Eevee: A Shiny card? Do you mean that box with the shinies in your signature?
    Yeah, sorry for the late reply lol, but that is what I meant!

    Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
    See, from Gen III onward, Pokemon shininess is determined by your Trainer ID, a hidden ID, and the nature of the Pokemon. The Pokemon isn't set as "your" Pokemon until after you watch the hatching animation. So it could show as shiny during the animation, but afterward it becomes a normal one, once you're its trainer.

    Now I need to get my national dex for that Eevee.
    Oh, no, I'm not sure where you heard that information but it's actually set as "your" pokemon once you receive your egg. That's the reason why you can't take the steps until just before the egg hatches, hatch it and SR if not shiny! Either way, hope you get luck with whatever you hunt! ;D

    Welcome to all the new members too, and may 2013 bring many shinies for us all!
    Personally I'm gonna take a break from SRing and level up my shiny Snivy while I hatch some masuda eggs. Guess it'll be a secret target since I have no clue what I'll be hatching yet, and I'll throw away this hunt if it doesn't get anything soon so I can go back to SRing xD

    EDIT: Trained it up to a Serperior (finally), got 40 eggs done but nothing, so I'll just go back to SRing my other hunts. Good luck everyone!

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