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    This sounds fun :D So im gonna have a go.

    What region would you meet them in?

    What town would you be from?
    Fortree City , Hoenn

    How would you meet them?
    Im treking through a forest and see the smoke from an explosion not far off. Upon investigating i find some strange people in a mechanical pokemon(team rocket) trying to steal some trainers pokemon(Ash and friends) so i have my Umbreon break the machines legs with shadowball.

    What would your main goal be?
    Trying to figure out what i want in life. I failed to get passed the first round of the Hoenn league but because of my battling style it was suggested i try pokemon coordinating. I came to Sinnoh as it seems to have to most competitive contests.

    What would be your preferred Pokémon type?
    A mix of dark and flying types. Dark from personal taste and flying from coming from Fortree.

    What would be your main Pokémon (the one that walks around with you)?
    Umbreon! My umbreon seems to be claustrophobic and is afraid of its pokeball , amongst other confined spaces. My umbreon is female and enjoys showing off in contests.

    Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent?
    It already did. I originally got it as an Egg from my parents as a kid. It finally hatched into an Eevee.

    What would your gender be?

    What would your name be?
    Either my actual name Brad or Tene (taken from the word Tenebrous)

    What family members would you have?
    Parents and a brother. My brother has won both the Hoeen and Kanto leagues years earlier. Because of this i was crushed when i failed at the Hoeen league and have felt like i let my family down ever since. Ive been searching for ways to improve both myself and my pokemon to try and "win back their respect".

    What would you look like?
    Brown hair , black coat and rounded hat both with yellow circular markings like those of my Umbreon. Coat is open at the front with a shirt and long pants beneath.
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