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    The Road Less Traveled...

    Ange looked between the two paths, smiling at her Caterpie. The Pokemon was sitting rather placidly on her shoulder now, watching Krissu with its beady eyes. She smiled a little faintly, looking between the two paths with a resemblance of curiosity. Her Pokemon made an odd, curious sort of squeak and she giggled, poking what was probably her nose. "What do you think?" she asked the creature. As her partner tilted its head back and forth, Ange pondered the matter. Her Pokemon were rather tired... probably. So...

    "Perhaps the rougher path..." she decided after a moment. The more difficult the journey, the more profitable reward. "The road less traveled by makes all the difference after all." She asked about the games again, making Ange hum in thought. As far as she knew, she had never played any game before. "Ah... no... no I have not." Was playing games like these normal for a child? She wondered if her parents had denied her of something... It would not surprise her if they did. Mother was... had been... rather strict on Angel... and had believed she could not do things others were capable of. A vexing event... now that she was here.

    What would she be considering in her mind at this moment?

    "Rather..." The girl added softly. "It is more that I have never played a game like this of any sort. It was impossible for me." As she said this, she chuckled, thinking of Benjy. Benjy, who thought nothing was impossible, who had given her this. "My friend... was the one who played." Was he up ahead... He probably was long gone really.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."