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    The first Pokemon game I ever played was LG. I beat the game, and then used my brothers FR, restarted his (hehehehe, he had a shiny articuno.). I chose Charmander. When the first rival battle started, I noticed that my Charmander was yellow. In my mind I was thinking that the game was messed up, I knew my brothers Articuno had this same thing, so I restarted. NEVER have I gotten a Shiny starter. When I think back, I wonder what would have happened if I HADN'T restarted the game and kept my shiny starter..... I almost always get a female starter, which has and 18.25% chance of happening, but a shiny starter is about 1/8192 (somewhere around there.....I think.). The only other shiny pokemon that I have found in my life are: Magikarp (RED GYARADOS!!!!), Pidgey, Ryhorn, Machop, and 3 Scyther.

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