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Game_sloth's Zora is Accepted. (Just note that you're thinking of the wrong timeline, in this one Link falls to Ganon, and Ganon is sealed into the Sacred Realm via the Triforce and the Sages.)

Reservations until (N/A):

Remaining Spots:
Places will be returned if reservations end.

Hylian: 4 remain (0 Reserved, 1 Accepted)
Kokiri: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Gerudo: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Goron: 4 Remain (0 Reserved, 1 Accepted)
Zora: 3 Remain (0 Reserved, 2 Accepted)
Rito: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Twili: 2 Remain (0 Reserved, 3 Accepted)

Hylians: djcboi
Goron: heretostay123
Zora: IceFyr1928, Game_sloth
Twili: WolfOfEve, IceFyr1928, Lilizuki

We need some of the other races filled. We should start when there's at least one in each race.