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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    While Ice technically is Water, some Ice Pokémon have a secondary non-Water typing, like Mamoswine and Abomasnow. Making those have a third typing wouldn't make sense in gameplay terms.

    I think that Rock is resistant to Fire because it doesn't melt as easily as Steel, unless exposed to very high temperatures.

    Ghost Pokémon have ghostly characteristics. Dark Pokémon have mischievous characteristics. Dark moves use underhanded tactics, like using the opponent's strength against it, having teammates gang up on the opponent or attacking when the opponent least expects it.

    I think Psychic is only effective against Fighting and Poison because of the "mind over matter" concept and the fact that poisons can be neutralized, respectively.

    The type chart is fine as is. I'm not sure what introducing another type would do, but I think it's leaning towards imbalancing it further (the type chart was modified in Gen II because Psychic was too powerful).

    Swimming is a natural ability for Water Pokémon and flying is a natural ability for Flying Pokémon. However, a Pokémon carrying a person on its back or using these abilities for battle is another story.

    Charizard wasn't made into a Dragon Pokémon in Gen I because that typing was considered "broken" back then. Just because a Pokémon looks draconian doesn't mean it is a Dragon Pokémon. Vibrava and Flygon are most likely Dragon Pokémon because they're meant to be literal interpretations of the dragonfly. Altaria is based on the Peng, large mythological Chinese birds with dragon heads.
    I didn't mean that a thord type should be put in, but i was just saying that all the ice pokemon should be classified as Ice-Water type, with no other element

    You're right: it needs a lot of time to reach the melting point, I haven't think about it

    It's a very subtle difference of the fighting style, and so I still haven't understood it at all

    If you agree with the "mind over matter" concept, Phsycic should be the most powerful type of all

    Yes, introducing another type should be a "difficult" in some ways, but it won't be so hard I think; the type chart could be changed successfully, but some things should be modified to do that

    Uhmm i guess you're right, I haven't think about it once again

    OK, I don't understand what you mean whit "broken" please explain it to me again
    let's talk about the Dragon fly and its origin: the dragonfly is an insect in the real world and its name came from the belief of the Roman age that this kind of animal were an embodiment of the Devil, and so they adopt the latin form "Drac" check it out this link:

    so the Dragonfly and Vibrava haven't nothing in common with a real dragon type Pokemon

    I don't find any site where the chinese mythological creature Peng is portrayed with Dragon type characteristics, it is always described as a Big Fish (Kun) that then turns in to a huge bird (Peng) which can fly for 6 months without rest; it is classified in the Bird group even in its mythology:

    If you have some links that stress the dragon characteristics of Peng sent it to me xD

    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    1. Ice has been a staple element for all RPGs, so it can't be left out. Unfortunately, it has to suffer being outclassed by Water.

    2. Steel was created because of Psychic's OP status in Gen I, but all it did was create another dominant type several gens later: Fighting. Although Charizard's dex entry does sound like a potential ability for it to deal neutral damage against its crippling weakness.

    3. There's really no known specimen that's an embodiment of wind like Tornadus, which is why Flying is usually a secondary type.

    4. Wrong description for Dark types, as they're suppose to represent mischievous deeds rather than an embdiment of pure darkness. They are rivaled by Ghosts, who are also known to pull pranks on foolish mortals back in the old days of animation.

    5. Neutral damage to all but their own type, Steel, and Dark is the closest thing to having Psychic dominating everything.

    6. A Light type will never be made ever, because we have Fire and Electric to represent Light. Also, read #4 from above.

    8. Anything that looks reptilian doesn't have to be a Dragon type. They can still learn Dragon moves, and that's about it.

    9. Or you know, breeding their evolved forms for new starters.

    10. That theory never gets old.

    1. Maybe because they are the same thing I guess.

    2. as I told above it needs a lot of time to reach the melting point, so perhaps I'm wrong

    3.I really don't agree with the new representation of pokemon, because at the beginning they had to represent the animals, and not the Oriental gods. However, in my opinion, a bird like Pidgeot is supposed to symbolize the "air" element without any relationship with no other kind of element

    4. They are still too much similiar, because they both act during the night, the only difference is in their way of act/prank, in my opinion this distinction is very negligible

    5. I don't undestand what you mean with this point

    6. Yes, but thet don't represent light in an appropriate way at all, and also it would be very awesome to have the light type in order to contrast in a logic way the Dark type

    8. Charizard is clearly insipired to a Dragon, I mean he IS a dragon:

    so he MUST be a Dragon type Pokemon, too bad for the GameFreak for sure!

    9. and where do they catch the "original" evolved form ?

    10. xD yes because it's very logic and awesome

    Originally Posted by coolcatkim22 View Post
    And yet, you seem not to have a problem with rock and ground.

    Oh and if you want to talk about stuff that really doesn't make any sense tell me how electricity is super effective against flying and not effective at all to use on ground.

    Because the thunders could hit every flying things, then i guess that to explain the inefficacy aganist ground it needs to mentioned the Franklin's theory on not? I don't know I really suck in scientific subjects xD
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