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Grass is my favorite type.

Petilil - probably my single favorite. Just so incredibly cute, and actually surprisingly tough.
Lilligant - beautiful and deadly - the perfect evolution for Petilil.
Leavanny - one of my all-time favorite sweepers, even with its weaknesses.
Tropius - as noted, a prehistoric dinosaur tree that can fly. What could be cooler than that?
Roselia/Roserade - I've always had a soft spot for Roselia, and often had one on my RSE teams. Roserade is just that much better.
Cacturne - such a great concept, and perfectly executed - it really seems sneaky and vicious, and it is.
Torterra - I wish I could live on a Torterra...
Breloom - a long-time favorite - great typing, great moves, still a terrifying opponent, after all these years.
Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile - one of my all-time favorite starters, and Grovyle is easily my favorite middle evolution of any starter ever.
Deerling - so cute and so perfectly executed - its Jump Kick is likely to either KO you or KO itself.
Sawsbuck - surprisingly tough and the winter form is beautiful.
Ferrothorn - absolutely my all-time favorite staller.
Ludicolo - it just looks so happy, even as it's demolishing other pokemon.

And... Victreebel, Leafeon, Cherrim, Abomasnow, Shiftry, Whimsicott.....