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    Haven't done a lot on this the last couple of days - I got back into my Black playthrough for a while and, honestly, I'm finding this sort of dull. I wasn't sure how a solo would work out, since this is my first. Initially, I was worried that it'd be tough, which is part of why I went with Lillipup - I knew that Stoutland was dependable and, with the elemental Fangs, had great coverage. As it turns out though, this isn't tough at all - quite the opposite. It's so easy that I find it hard to even pay attention. Sebastian is level 59 now and I'm still carrying around Potions from the beginning of the game. He almost never even gets hit, and the few times he does, it takes just a tiny fraction of his HP. If it wasn't for running out of PP, I wouldn't even have to go to a Pokemon Center. At this point, I'm just pushing to get this done so I can do another one with a much weaker pokemon and actually be challenged by a challenge.

    So... I had left Sebastian at the water's edge on Route 1, ready for some Surfing via Carl the Panpour. Used a Max Repel to avoid annoying battles with Basculin, and later Frillish, and away we went. Blew through the trainers, stopped and picked up the Larvesta egg, blew through the rest of the trainers, gathered all the items (including a Waterfall for Carl), then back to land. Then we did a round of everywhere we'd been, Surfing and Waterfalling and seeing and gathering all the stuff that was out of reach before. Then it was back to Twist Mountain, with a detour through Mistralton to refill PP. Blew through the trainers in the mountain, then out to Icirrus City. Went all around the city, taking advantage of the winter snow and ice, and along the way the Larvesta egg hatched - Timid male - very nice. Put it in a box - I'm either going to use it in whatever post-game I do in this or trade it out to another game. I considered putting Fire Fang on Sebastian for Brycen's gym, but I only have a few Heart Scales and it's tough getting more. Swung by the Heart Scale lady's house and she wanted to see someone with Focus Blast, which none of my team can learn. That sort of thing has been the case more often than it hasn't, and I decided not to catch stuff just to put TMs on for Heart Scales, so that's the way it goes. And Sebastian had Rock Smash anyway, and his Return is brutal, so I just let it go, and it was on to Brycen's gym. Cruised through the underlings without taking a single hit, and soon enough came to Brycen.

    The only spot of trouble came when we faced his Beartic. It was the first thing in a while that Sebastian didn't OHKO, and it hit back with Swagger. I considered just pushing on and gambling that Sebastian would hit in spite of confusion, but just didn't want to mess with it, so I took a turn for a Full Heal, and the Beartic hit with an Icicle Crash that actually took about about 30 points off of Sebastian. But then he KOed it on the next turn, then turned the Cyrogonal into dust and that was that.

    Then we flew back to Driftveil and got Deerling out of the PC and went up and saved at the lab on Route 6, ready to show the scientist Deerling's Spring form. Then it's back to Icirrus City and on to Dragonspiral Tower.