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The town I live in is actually really nice and has lots of restaurants and shopping centers and is looked to as a great place, so I don't dislike it. My state, Alabama, has had it's fair share of bad pasts though. Civil rights, ya know? Yeah, most of that started here lol. Bus boycott, church bombing, the KKK, etc. I dislike that people like to associate that with the state of Alabama now though because it's in the past and we don't do that anymore. We grew from it, so it's a bit sad when people still think we're bad and that it's still going on. It's a nice state to live in honestly, especially if you like woodsy areas and not lots of traffic, and I just can't see myself anywhere else! You'd have to come here to love it yourself. I'll show you around. :)

As for my family, I think everyone has the things they love and hate about them haha. I have a redneck family, a liberal family, and a Jesus-y family. They all have their flaws, but I love them all and they're great people to be around! I couldn't ask for a better one.

All in all, I'm not ashamed of where I live, but I dislike when people, especially foreign, associate my state with the bad things. Like...move on, guys. :P If you want a BAD state, make fun of Mississippi!

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