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    Originally Posted by dbp View Post
    I think they're fine, to be honest. Your cross hatching and line weight is a strong point, I like the way you do eyes, and you know how to create costume pieces (I'm gonna say costume in the loosest way). I like the first piece the most, but you'll see why in a second.

    I think everything is too dark.

    What I mean is that if you could adjust the levels just a touch towards the lighter side of things, I can see the details a lot better without feeling overwhelmed with so much black. For example, aim for what you have in your first picture. I can see everything clearly in that one. The 3rd picture is very bold and busy near the bottom. The danger is that it may be too late to adjust levels or curves to get softness in your lighter lines. I don't want them to wash out into nothing, either. Play around with that if you can.
    i'd like to quote this in particular, i appreciate it that you liked the first picture, and i have to say, almost everyone of them are supposed to be like that, my mistake is that the rest (2nd pic up to last) were scanned as Black and White while the first picture was in Greyscale, that's why the first pic was very close to the original (paper, hard copy)

    i really appreciate everything that has been said thank you dbp.

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