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“Mr. Pokemon, I presume?” Solomon looked the man up and down, the answer already self evident in all reality. The cottage that housed the NPC had only been a short walk from where he had captured his new companion. His new feisty Hoothoot rested in its pokeball, still securely latched to the lining of his coat. It took him just a few seconds to come up with a name for the deviant. Moriarty, a reference to one of Solomon’s most beloved fictional characters. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous nemesis to the revered hero, Sherlock Holmes. For reasons Solomon couldn’t explain, the wise look of the owl and its malicious intent lent itself to the name.

“Why, yes! I am Mr. Pokemon. You’re the escort the Mayor sent, right?” The lifelike character shifted its weight and seemed almost as if it was uncomfortable. Solomon just really wanted to get this quest over with and move on towards Violet city. He rubbed his temples and ran a quick hand through his hair.

“Yes, I’m here to pick up the delivery. So if we could stop procrastinating, I’d like to get back underway.”

“Oh, of course.” Mr. Pokemon disappeared for a second and came back with the item in question. “Please make sure this gets back to the Mayor toot-sweet.” Handing the item to Solomon, he grabbed it swiftly and it disappeared into his inventory.

[You have received a Mystery Egg!]

Umbra was busy exploring the little abode, her curious nature causing her to stick her nose where it most certainly didn’t belong. She had climbed her way on top of a bookcase and perched in such a way so that she could look longingly at herself in a mirror. Vain little creature.

“Ok, Umbra, time to head back.” The sneasel sighed a little before climbing back down and waiting patiently for Solomon to open the door. Patience was hard for her, but she could use it every once and a while. “Actually, you know what,” Solomon stopped himself mid-sentence and pulled out Umbra’s pokeball. “Return.” Her little body disappeared into the now familiar beam of light, the world inside the pokeball awaited her. If there -was- a world inside a pokeball. Solomon guessed it was just the system’s way of hiding them from view, only to materialize when he recalled her. Stepping outside, he pulled out another identical ball, his new found bird rest inside it. “Moriarty, come.”

With a squawk, the Hoothoot burst forth from the ball, the first time it had been out since capture. Circling above for but a second, it landed a few feet from its new owner. Moriarty cocked his head as he searched Solomon apprasingly. What was he looking for? Solomon didn’t have the foggiest idea. Walking past the Hoothoot, he beckoned for him to follow as he made his way back through the route. “I’ve already had this discussion with Umbra,” he called out towards the Pokemon. “I’m Solomon, your new master. My word is law and expect that law to be upheld.” He knew that the system really prevented any disobedience from his captured Pokemon, but it still felt good to say.

Moriarty gave only a small hoot of acknowledgment, his bulbous eyes watching his owner as he walked. There was something malicious behind those innocent looking eyes, but Solomon had a hard time pegging it. Did each of these Pokemon have randomly generated personalities or were they crafted? He would have killed for a chance to see some of the code that went into making this masterpiece. It was a given that Pokemon received natures in the old games, but they felt so fleshed out here. Just like they were living breathing creatures. A quick check in the menu had revealed little Moriarty to have a “Naughty” nature. Quite fitting to what he had seen him display so far.

“Now, it shouldn’t be too far before we get to the Mayor, what do you say we do some training for you?” Swooping up to him and landing on his shoulder, Moriarty let out an excited screech at the prospect and began to look for his first target. Maybe the Hoothoot wouldn’t be as worthless as previously judged.