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I'd go with Pichu.

1.) Why would you like to have that Pokmon? (Other than being a favorite)
It's always been my favourite since I set eyes on it, but other than that, I suppose I like it because it's cute and it holds the power of electricity which would be fairly useful and entertaining to shock annoying people with. (Eh.. ahem. Not like I would do that or anything *shifty eyes*)
2.) Would you let your Pokmon get involved in trainer battles?
Possibly... but likely not as a Pichu. x_x As everyone knows, Pichu aren't exactly the strongest of Pokemon and in the anime, they shock themselves when they try to attack with electricity. ;; So.. yeah. I'd probably hold off on the battling until it evolved.
3.) Would you train him/her to be your guardian? Or just let him/her be a loyal companion?
I'd let it be a loyal companion. I would think that if it were loyal enough, a Pokemon would try to be your guardian in any situation that required it to be. But I would be perfectly content with it no matter what. ;;
4.) What if your Pokmon misbehaves? Would you discipline him/her? How?
Nothing drastic. Most Pichu I've seen in the anime are mischievious by nature, so they're bound to get in a little trouble here and there. They smarten up if you just lecture them for a second. XD
5.) Would you give a special treat to your Pokmon if he/she behaves?
Sure, why not? I'd be so obsessed with having a Pichu, I'd probably give it special treats even if it misbehaved. @[email protected];;
6.) Would you enter your Pokmon in a contest?
Probably... even though I'm extremely bad at contests. XD It would be an interesting experience. ; And if it one, I would most certainly (try to) brag. ;p
7.) Do you rather keep him/her in a Pokball or out?
I would keep it out. >_<; I'm sure the Pokeball was created for comfort, but it just looks scary on the inside. o_o; I'd rather just have my Pokemon by me at all times. I would get to know it better that way, too.
8.) What if your Pokmon feels sad? How would you cheer him/her up?
I'm not too sure. @[email protected] I'm really not very good at cheering people up. I would probably just take it out for ice cream or something. XD;;
9.) Would you release your Pokmon back into the wild?
Not unless it wanted to go or if there was a bad situation where I couldn't take care of it. ;_;
Optional question #1.) Would you let your Pokmon evolve? Why or why not?
Yes, I would. Raichu is another of my favourite Pokemon, and I would love to have one too. It would also be easier to train a Pikachu/Raichu whether it be for battle or just to be at home.
Optional question #2.) What was your first reaction when you see your Pokmon evolve into his/her higher form?
My first reaction would probably be to run up and squeeze the life out of it. o_o; I find Pikachu/Raichu adorable, so I'd probably kinda.. lose it. XD;;

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