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And sometimes it's hard to tell which personality is causing trouble around here.

Think about it…if you changed your IP address every time you wanted to make an alt, you technically can't be caught for sockpuppeting…

though it would be time consuming/expensive.

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#3. THOU SHALT Shun Pokemon, for it is stupid.

In 2001, Saudi Arabia's Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law released a fatwa forbidding Pokemon video games and cards, opining that such activities promote gambling and possess the minds of young people. Basically, they think Pokemon is crack, pornography and a devil-horned Jewish conspiracy all rolled into one.
Why we're on board:

For those who don't know, Pokemon is a contraction of the Japanese term "pocket monster." You might suspect that this is another nonsensical by-product of their ****-centric culture, but you would be wrong in that suspicion. The gameplay is akin to cockfighting, except with adolescent gamers playing "trainers," and cutesy anime creatures hurling poorly animated lightning bolts instead of cocks.
We agree with the fatwa, and not just because we think Pokemon is lame. It is second only to the Mario franchise in sales, which is saying something because Pokemon n accomplished this in a market saturated with alternatives. If memory serves, all Mario had to compete with was that stick-and-hoop thing. In other words, Pokemon is addictive as hell and marketed to kids, and as Joe Camel tells us, that's a bad thing. Lets ban this **** now and get these kids playing other addictive games. You know, ones that teach invaluable life skills, like Halo for example.
Lol even though this is comedy I do think the author has something against Pokémon x]
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5