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    Originally Posted by Immorality View Post
    you should add more eevee evolutions and branch them off this will make eevee the main pokemon to keep no matter what as it can become anything you want also will add pokemon for elite four to use while decreasing the number of pokemon most people hated to see and will give the game its very own feel to it so instead of a simple starter it makes it into the best pokemon obtainable
    • normal > psychic > dark or ghost (stone/time of day)
    • normal > grass > poison or bug (stone/ happyness or location if you want to get really into the scripting)
    • normal > water > ice (stone/stone/level)
    • normal > fire > dragon/flying or fire/fighting (stone/stone or location)
    • normal > ground > rock > steel (stone/level)
    • normal > electric (stone)
    stones for the first evolution then will evolve depending on any variable
    google has some amazing pictures for each type

    and please upload a ips file it saves space and is faster to download an upload (may be a few seconds on computer but my phone is slow to download stuff)

    edit: what version of fire red are you using? when i patch the game an send it to my phone it says the 1m-board is missing or something like that and it wont produce a .sav file

    That's a good starting idea. Thing is, I never tried spriting before =/ I'm going to have to do it eventually anyways because of new characters and the Sky Forme Regi. But, I'm going to learn! The sky is the limit with this hack for me! Also, my rom is an extended rom so I need to use ups, sorry!

    This is my redesign Gym. The "T" stand for Taejo League. Seijo's will obviuously contain an "S." Credit to Whack a hack.

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