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    Name: Yuri Larashi

    Nickname: "Frost"

    Age: 15

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm.

    And since I realize the picture is black and white aside for his eyes... His hair is a deep and stately silver. His skin is incredibly pale. He stands at 5'4", and is rarely seen without his mask. The clothing he wears is an eclectic mixture of what seems a ninja's attire, and an old-style samurai. All grays, whites, and blacks.

    Yuri is a quiet sort of person, who rarely gets involved in much of anything unless he absolutely has to. Because he spent most of his life alone, he doesn't socialize well. He does, however, have some... Quirks. He takes a kind of pleasure in watching his opponents s he beats them. He also gets fairly irritated whenever he gets mistaken for a Pokemon Trainer, stating that a Coordinator is on a far different plane than the Trainers. He has a natural tendency to look down on his peers. It's not really something he can control, and he doesn't mean to do it... But he does. Also, he has slight insanity bouts whenever he feels like he's been abandoned, or during thunderstorms.
    Despite his distate for Trainers, he knows full well that he has much to learn... He is very receptive to learning things from more experienced Pokemon Trainers, Coordinators, and whoever else. He dreams of one day being on par with the Champion of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia.

    Yuri was born, and abandoned, in the icy city of Snowpoint. He was raised there from a young age by a veteran Coordinator. She raised him like her own... He lived with her in her remote home on Lake Acuity. It wasn't a luxurious life, but it was far better then if she hadn't found him. She even captured a Snorunt to be his companion for when she passed... Which fatefully happened mere months later, when Yuri was eight. From then on, he distanced himself from society and began wearing his mask. He trained alongside Auras, and they gained the companionship of his Sneasel when Yuri was ten years old. He trained hard for a while on the shores of Acuity, close to the home. A short time later, he paid for passage to the Johto region.
    Throughout his journey in Johto, he met his Golett in Ecruteak City... Where he stayed for some time, training hard to overcome many trainers in and around Ecruteak. He finally mustered up the courage to challenge the Gym Leader, Morty. In a rocky battle, Yuri managed to defeat the tough opponent. Though in the process, he decided that the Pokemon League wasn't for him... And moved off into making his Pokemon's moves more beautiful.
    He then circled around through New Bark Town to meet the fabled Professor Elm. From there, he headed north through Blackthorn City, where he participated, and won, his first contest.
    After spending nearly two years training in the Ice Path, he moved to Mohagony Town... Where he gained another contest win, and trained under Pryce for a couple more years. After some time, Professor Elm got a hold of Yuri to let him know about the Academy. Yuri nearly decided against the academy... But it dawned on him that if he ever wanted to match Cynthia's battle skills-- he would need help. He was on the next ship to the Academy.

    Species: Snorunt
    Nickname: Auras
    Personality: Fairly quiet, reserved, and spends most of her time outside her Poke Ball. Has a tendency to hit anyone she doesn't like with Icy Wind... Which tends to be most anyone but Yuri. She's ready to evolve... Yuri even has a Dusk Stone. She is a little leery about evolving, though.
    Level: 25
    Moves: Ice Beam, Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Icy Wind, Bide

    Species: Sneasel
    Nickname: Shade
    Personality: Very mischevious. LOVES getting into troublesome situations. Disagrees with Auras like family, but if anyone messes with her, or even Rook... He doesn't take kindly to it.
    Level: 23
    Moves: Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Double Team, Faint Attack, Agility, Leer

    Species: Golett
    Nickname: Rook
    Personality: Fiercely loyal to Yuri, and it's allies. It doesn't spend much time outside it's Poke Ball, so not even Yuri knows much about it's true personality.
    Level: 22
    Moves: Gravity, Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Iron Defense, Rollout, Pound
    "A real warrior doesn't dash off in pursuit of the next victory, nor throw a fit when experiencing a loss. A real warrior ponders the next battle."