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    Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
    Well... I'm willing to bet my money that almost everyone here on PC got its copy of RMXP for free...

    things you can do in the meantime is downloading essentials, and reading the wiki. You can already change some text files to edit the moves etc. Also make sure to look up on the wiki to get an idea on how essentials is working.

    Cross tutoring doesn't seem like its the easiest thing to implement, so look up on some Ruby programmin' tutorials as well. Make sure you know what you're doing before trying to tackle it. You could end up waisting a lot of time.

    Also your new type chart doesn't make much sense...

    Yah, I know how to get RMXP for free, but RM2K3 is more suitable for beginners and Essentials can be way more complicated with more coding and scripting required. You can just use a RM2K3 battle sys and still make it look official. I also have lots of knowledge about wheres of Pokémon RM2K3 resources.
    PS. I have no idea why I typed like that... But that's not related to the topic..:D

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    RPG maker 2003 is the worst thing to use when making a Pokémon Specific fan game.
    You'd need to learn how to make a battle system that looks like pokémon and not some final fantasy rip off.
    You can use RMXP Essentials if you want a custom at every style, but I think using RM2K3 BS makes it different and unique from other "Custom" Pokémon fan games. It would also make it more interesting because there hasn't been much RM2K3 games out there. Found of 20 so far.
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