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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    I guess I'm gonna have to be boring and say water. When I'm thirsty it's basically the only thing that quenches my thirst. Everything else tends to end up making me more thirsty because I can taste the sugar/flavour/etc and it leaves an aftertaste that after a while I feel like I need to wash away with a glass of H2O~~
    Another boring one here!

    Water is the most perfect drink I've ever tried. I have currently started disliking any other kind of drink. Everyone gets surprised when I ask for water and I say "I'm not into Coca Cola". Come on! It's the healthiest drink in the world and people just see that as a broing drink. Well, then, allow me to be boring.

    And I have to say, that if I am offered a coke, I won't refuse to drink it, but I still prefer water.

    Allez, hop!
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