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Okay. My most favorite band in the whole, wide world is Green Day! I love Green Day because I have been a fan since I was only five years old, and ever since then I've been hooked on their music. Their rock opera, American Idiot came out in 2005, and that made me even more of a fan. Lots of people didn't like it, but I absolutely fell in love with it. My favorite song was "St. Jimmy". The past three years or so, I've been learning more about music and listening to it more (rather than when you're young and you don't really give a gnat's ass), and I became more curious about my favorite band. I loved this band to death, yet I hardly even knew the lead singer's name. I became intrigued, so I started recording anything on MTV that had something to do with Green Day. I also read articles about them, and watched tons of live performances on YouTube. It took me about a year to become a Green Day "expert" rather than a fangirl who thought they were cool. I knew all about who the members were, the background members, all the songs, ect. I was so stoked, and I even convinced my mom to buy tickets for the broadway version of American Idiot. It was amazing. I'm still a fan to this day. I'm glad I'm a fan of such an amazing band. Another reason I love them is because of their diverse personalities. Billie Joe, being the leader, but still giving Mike and Tre (and even Jason) parts to show off, Mike, the quieter one, is kindhearted and also gives a good show, and then there's Tre, the crazy-ass drummer who is hilarious. They were all friends, and that was good. They are a bonded band.

Yeah. Thing is, I don't have many bands to tell about because the only band I really LOVE is Green Day.
Sorry Rage Against the Machine, Van Halen, ect. Lol.
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