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    -- Update 2 --

    Pretty long update, caught and evolved all the members of my team except Mr. Freeze. Gonna buy some TMs for the poor guy, his stats are so low. Unfortunately, the emulator started acting up, so I had to take a break.

    - Cleared Rustboro Tunnel and received HM04 Strength
    - Used HM04 to teach Madonna Strength
    - Challenged the Winstrate family and beat them
    - Received the Macho Brace
    - Traversed the Fiery Path
    - Arrived in Fallarbor Town
    - Went to Meteor Falls
    - Met Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Cozmo
    - Took the Cable Car to Mt. Chimney
    - Challenged Maxie
    - Gulliver took out Mightyena with Water Gun
    - Madonna’s Strength and Flamethrower made short work of Golbat
    - Madonna finished Camerupt with Strength
    - Defeated Maxie and received the Meteorite
    - Returned the Meteorite to Professor Cozmo
    - Traveled through the Jagged Pass
    - Arrived in Lavaridge Town
    - Challenged Flannery
    - Madonna’s Stomp took out Slugma, but suffered an Overheat attack
    - Gulliver’s Water Gun took care of the other Slugma with ease
    - Gulliver got a Critical Hit with Water Gun and washed out Torkoal
    - Defeated Flannery and got the Heat Badge

    - Received the Go-Goggles from May
    - Returned to Petalburg City
    - Challenged Norman
    - Gulliver defeated Slaking by using Protect on the turns Slaking could attack
    - Switched to Madonna and used Flamethrower to Burn Vigoroth and defeat it
    - Used the same tactic with Gulliver on the second Slaking
    - Defeated Norman and received the Balance Badge

    - Used TM42 to teach Madonna Facade
    - Received HM03 Surf from Wally’s Parents
    - Used HM03 to teach Gulliver Surf
    - Received the Basement Key from Wattson
    - Shut down the generator in New Mauville
    - Traveled east of Mauville City using Surf
    - Met Steven again
    - Visited the Berry Master
    - Arrived at the Weather Institute
    - Defeated Team Magma and received Castform (Boxed)
    - Gave Mystic Water to Gulliver
    - Third battle against May
    - Gulliver destroyed May with Surf
    - Wailmer fell to a couple Shock Waves from Gulliver
    - After a close match, Madonna took out Grovyle with Flamethrower
    - Defeated May and received HM02 Fly
    - Used HM02 to teach Fly to Gulliver
    - Arrived in Fortree City and continued east to look for the next member of my party
    - Caught a Surskit because I found one and how often does that happen - Dave (Boxed)
    - Caught Absol - Ms. Fortune (ONLY HAD 1 HP LEFT)
    - Used TM24 and TM43 to teach Ms. Fortune Thunderbolt and Secret Power
    - Gave Blackglasses to Ms. Fortune
    - Met Steven again, defeated Kecleon and received the Devon Scope
    - Challenged Winona
    - Ms. Fortune took out Swellow with a few Thunderbolts, with the help of Paralysis
    - Ms. Fortune destroyed Pelipper with Thunderbolt
    - Madonna defeated Skarmory with some Flamethrowers
    - Increased Ms. Fortune’s Attack with Swords Dance and weakened Altaria with Secret Power
    - Altaria beat Ms. Fortune with Earthquake
    - Altaria took out Gulliver with Dragonbreath and Aerial Ace
    - Switched to Madonna and used a Max Revive on Ms. Fortune
    - Madonna was defeated, sent out Ms. Fortune and used a Revive on Gulliver
    - Repeated the last step until all of Altaria’s Aerial Aces were exhausted
    - Fully healed all of my Pokemon
    - Altaria Dragonbreath’d Madonna into submission
    - Ms. Fortune finished Altaria off with Thunderbolt (only took half an hour to beat her)
    - Defeated Winona and received the Feather Badge

    - Used TM40 to teach Ms. Fortune Aerial Ace
    - Received the Exp. Share from Mr. Stone
    - Arrived in Lilycove City
    - Flew to Slateport and received Pokeblock Case
    - Flew back to Lilycove and went to the Safari Zone
    - After an hour of searching, caught Pikachu - Elektra
    - Used Thunderstone to evolve Elektra into Raichu
    - Used TM28 to teach Elektra Dig
    - Fourth battle against May
    - Despite many Double Teams, Gulliver beat Swellow with Shock Wave
    - Gulliver swamped Numel with Surf
    - Elektra’s Thunderbolt took care of Wailmer
    - Madonna knocked out Grovyle with Flamethrower
    - Defeated May
    - Arrived in Mt. Pyre
    - Caught up with Maxie and received the Red Orb
    - Flew to Slateport and watched the submarine abduction
    - Flew back to Lilycove and entered the Magma Base
    - Obtained the Master Ball
    - Cleared out the base
    - Surfed east of Lilycove
    - Arrived in Mossdeep City
    - Received the King’s Rock
    - Entered Shoal Cave
    - Caught Snorunt - Mr. Freeze

    ~-~ Team ~-~


    -- End of Update 2 --