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    Time for another update. Happy New Years everyone!

    1) You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
    2) A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
    3) You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.
    4) Dupes Clause is OFF.
    5) Challenge starts once I receive Pokeballs.

    - Went to Route 211 and tried to catch a Machop, but it fainted…
    - Finally grinded Sure Shot up to evolve into Haunter, then traded with my other DS to evolve it into Gengar!
    - So with my newly evolved Gengar, I went to take on Gardenia. And wow, Gengar is powerful! Sure Shot took out Turtwig with a crit Shadow Punch, then got a ton of confusion hax on Cherrim before knocking it out. Finally, Roserade. I was able to break out of paralysis thanks to my Cheri Berry, then got off some Shadow Punches before Roserade knocked itself out in confusion. Got the Forest Badge!
    - Now that I can use Cut, I headed north to the Galactic building and battled a bunch of Grunts.
    - While battling through the building, I lost Sticks to a stupid Kadabra that got a crit TWICE. Ridiculous. Good thing I'm training up Songbird then I guess… I'll also start training up Parallel too.
    - Took a break from the Galactic building after that and went back to Eterna Forest to explore the Old Chateau. There, I found another Gastly and I was so close to catching it before it used Curse and killed itself >_< There are a ton of items in the Old Chateau though, which is nice.
    - Then I went the other way and headed into the little bit of Mt. Coronet that is accessible and caught another Geodude named Juliette (from Hollerado).
    - I spent a ton of time grinding Juliette up so it could take on Jupiter's Skuntank. Finally, I went back to face Jupiter.
    - Her first Pokemon was a Zubat, which apparently has Giga Drain?! I had no idea. But Songbird was able to take it out with a couple of Confusions. Then came her Skuntank. It set up with a Screech, but I was able to score a Magnitude 8 on my first turn with Juliette. It countered with a Night Slash which brought Juliette down quite a bit, but I got a Magnitude 7 and then a crit to boot to knock it out!
    - After healing, I went to get a bicycle but Cynthia stopped me and gave me an egg. I'll probably just put it in my box though.
    - Then after picking up my Explorer Kit, I headed south to Cycling Road (which is actually Route 206).
    - At the bottom of Cycling Road, I went to heal in Oreburgh City, then went back north and underneath the road to access the grass. My encounter for Route 206 was another Geodude which I didn't need, so I beat it for some experience. I went allllll the way north and into Wayward Cave, where I found another stupid Geodude. Boy I wish I had used Dupes clause in this game lol. Whatever, at least it's experience. Juliette evolved into Graveler, which means I can get a Golem soon!
    - Battled my way to Mt. Coronet where Dawn stopped me and gave me the Vs. Seeker and the Dowsing Machine. Cool.
    - I already got my encounter for Mt. Coronet back when I got Juliette so I just ran through it and out onto Route 208. I finally made it to some grass, and my encounter was a Budew, which was alright. I don't know if I'll use it, but I caught it and named it Lucky (Jason Mraz).
    - I finally got to Hearthome City, traded to evolve Juliette, and now I'm grinding to get ready for Fatina.


    Juliette the Golem
    Level 25
    @No Item
    Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rock Blast, Rock Polish

    Sure Shot the Gengar
    Level 26
    @No Item
    Shadow Punch, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Sucker Punch

    Songbird the Psyduck
    Level 23
    @No Item
    Water Pulse, Scratch, Tail Whip, Confusion

    Chaos the Bidoof
    Level 3
    @No Item
    Tackle, Cut, Rock Smash

    Togepi Egg
    Lucky the Budew Level 19

    Bob the Bidoof Level 5
    Garands the Zubat Level 11
    Crush the Luxio Level 16
    Centerfold the Pachirisu Level 10
    Zero the Geodude Level 5
    Parallel the Shellos Level 12
    Sticks the Prinplup Level 23
    Time Warp Challenge
    Current: Platinum Time Rift