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    1. Adding evolutions to Eevee - Leafeon... trying to add this in on Pokemon Ruby with easy use of a Leafstone. Eevee currently has maxed evolutions. I have axed Plusle (good god not another pikachu!!!!) and placed in Leafeon, moves, pokedex, sprite, stats, all of that. I can make Leafeon breed into Eevee (using YAPE). I understand the game must be edited to allow room for an additional evolution. Not sure how to do this however.

    2. Editing Birch in the into sequence (and Marill) can I replace him with another trainer sprite? I just can't find where he is. Went through UNLZ a dozen times and cannot find his image. Is there an opener program i could use?

    3. Making all trainer battles repeatable - I have advance map, several others, making trainers, and setting up there events. But can I make it so that they can ask to battle again?

    4. This is for the end of the game, but I would like to do a series of questions, yes making a battle start, no being a gift of items.

    5. Pokemon Red/Blue had pokeballs where you could pick up very rare and unique pokemon (lapras, eevee)... is that possible in Ruby?

    Doing searches, trying to find answers, but figure if I can get help along the way it won't hurt. Thank you!