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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    I would be expecting Ruby & Sapphire remakes, Gen 5 needs a remake but I wouldn't want them to be on 3DS yet since some players still may not have one.
    Well then that's too damn bad?...

    How long are we supposed to wait for Pokemon fans to muster up $150 to buy a 3DS? It's been almost 2 years already and Nintendo just released 2 high-budget Pokemon games for the original DS (BW2 and Conquest). It's absurd that Nintendo keeps catering to people with older devices. The fact that they released BW2 on the DS is already a slap in the face to 3DS owners, some of whom spent $250 on the damn thing when it came out, almost 2 years ago.

    Further, Nintendo could really push 3DS sales if they finally released a main Pokemon game for the console. Black and White 2 even with minor graphical improvements as a 3DS exclusive would've been enough to move a million 3DS units that wouldn't have sold otherwise. For Nintendo to continue to ignore 3DS owners with the next Pokemon game would not only be disrespectful to their fans and consumers, but downright idiotic.


    I really hope this announcement is 3DS remake of Hoenn games, but I highly doubt it. If anything it's another stupid Park game or Rumble Blast 2 or some crap.