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Your costume design is very impressive.

I find your innovation, rather than the images themselves, the most fascinating part of this thread. Your imagination that really prevails here, at least in my opinion. Your characters all have different personalities, maybe because they all stem from stories, but that really draws me in and keeps me interested.

I would like to see you detail out your details, if that makes sense. This picture, for instance. This character isn't lacking in detail (those pants are fantastic), but I'd like to see you add more texture. Make the armor feel metallic-- or leathery depending on its material-- and make the pants feel stressed and worn. I agree with dbp, if you use less contrast, those textures and grey tones will read better and your drawings will feel less 2-dimensional overall.

Okay now disregard this entire next paragraph if I'm wrong. I'm using my ever-unreliable-artists-intuition.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you have a problem with drawing hands? The majority of your characters only have one visible.

Well, it looks to me like you can quickly sketch a character's hands (and by quickly I mean at the same rate as you draw the rest of the character) without investing a huge amount of time into positioning and perspective. Your hands look fine for the quality of the character being drawn-- don't feel insecure about drawing them. They're coming out just fine. n_n

Nooowwww..... more!! xDD
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