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    Fighting Ultimate Challenge Hoenn Update #3
    ^Went through Route 104
    ^Beat some retard using only Magikarps. (Really dude?)
    ^Got into Rustboro City
    ^Went on a training spree to level up BlazinFury
    ^Three things happen to Torchic at Lv.16- Learns Peck, Evolves, and learns Double Kick.
    ^Went to beat Roxanne with my newly evolved Combusken
    ^Won without any trouble at all

    ^Moved on
    ^Saved Peeko
    ^Retrieved the Devon Goods
    ^Got a Great Ball
    ^Got a Letter
    ^Got the PokeNav
    ^Learned that Mr. Stone was stalker...... Looking down at me from a window..... thats just flat out creepy.
    ^Beat May on my way out of Rustboro

    ^Headed out to find my way to Dewford Town
    ^Took a boat to Dewford
    ^Went straight to the gym
    ^Won... barely.

    ^Went out to catch Makuhita
    ^Caught one and nicked it Sumo
    ^Started training Sumo
    ^Roxanne called me and told me that I will be able to rebattle her eventually.
    ^Finished training Sumo
    ^Went WAY back to Petalburg woods to catch a Shroomish (Forgot that Breloom was grass/fighting)
    ^Caught Shroomish and nicked it TeraFightr
    ^Started training TeraFightr
    ^Moved on to Slateport
    ^Beat 2 Aqua Grunts in Slateport
    ^Registered Scott in the PokeNav
    ^Headed towards Mauville
    ^Registered Prof. Birch in the PokeNav
    ^Beat May

    ^Got the Itemfinder
    ^FINALLY got to Mauville
    ^Went and got a Mach Bike
    ^Beat Wally
    ^Registered Wally in the PokeNav
    ^Trained both Sumo and TeraFightr until they evolved
    ^Took on the Mauville Gym
    ^Beat Wattson

    ^Headed on towards Lavaridge City
    ^Found a wild Machop, caught it and nicked it Nebula
    ^Ended up in Fallarbor Town
    ^Trained Nebula
    ^Headed out farther than Fallarbor
    ^Found Team Magma and Aqua in Meteor Falls
    ^Ended back up in Rustboro???
    ^Went through the tunnel full of Whismur, and came out in Verdanturf.
    ^Went up to Mt. Chimney
    ^Went to the nearest Pokemon Center and healed before my battle with Maxie
    ^Battled Maxie and won

    ^Took the Meteorite from the machine
    ^Headed down through Jagged Pass
    ^FINALLY ended up in Lavaridge
    ^Trained to Lv.30
    ^BARELY beat Flannery (Took 3 tries)

    ^Obtained the Go-Goggles
    Not done with this update yet, just thought that I should put some things that I have noticed, and my current team here to give you a break from reading all those little messages about whats going on in my game. I'm half way through the game right now.

    Current Team:
    BlazinFury / Combusken
    Lv. 30
    Double Kick
    Sumo / Hariyama
    Lv. 31
    Rock Smash
    Knock Off
    Vital Throw
    Arm Thrust
    TeraFightr / Breloom
    Lv. 30
    Mega Drain
    Mach Punch
    Nebula / Machoke
    Lv. 30
    Low Kick
    Karate Chop

    Some things that I have noticed:
    Nebula has EXTREMELY low defense and pretty low speed, but superhuman attack.
    I have an egg.
    Sumo has INSANE hp, very little speed, good attack, and decent defense.
    BlazinFury is good all around EXCEPT for hp and defense.
    TeraFightr has godly attack and speed, but very low defense and hp.
    I have an egg. and it wont hatch.
    The gyms difficulty raises very fast from gym to gym.
    Now, back to the update!
    ^Headed out from Lavaridge to go into the desert
    ^Went into Mirage Tower
    ^Left Mirage Tower
    ^Got completely and utterly lost
    ^Headed back to Petalburg
    ^Took on the gym
    ^Beat my dad

    ^Got Surf
    ^Taught it to Sumo
    ^Started to surf to Slateport
    ^Found the Abandoned Ship
    ^Got to Slateport
    ^Got to Mauville
    ^Surfed on Route 118
    ^Took out Team Aqua in the Weather place
    ^Beat May
    ^Got Fly
    ^Got into Fortree City
    ^Started Training to Lv.35
    ^Found a Tropius and caught it for Fly
    ^Stored Tropius
    ^Finished training
    ^Went to the gym
    ^Found out that you can't go into the gym just yet.
    ^BlazinFury evolved
    ^Got the Devon Scope
    ^Went into the Fortree Gym
    ^Can NOT beat Winona, her Altaria uses Dragon Dance 2 twice, then OHKO's all of my pokemon.....
    ^Forgot to put the winning screen.....
    ^Continued on on my journey
    ^Found team Aqua out on route 121
    ^Went to Mt. Pyre
    ^Everyone fainted

    Done for today

    Current Team:
    BlazinFury / Blaziken
    Double Kick
    Blaze Kick
    Sumo / Hariyama
    Rock Smash
    Knock Off
    Vital Throw
    TeraFightr / Breloom
    Mega Drain
    Sky Uppercut
    Mach Punch
    Nebula / Machoke
    Vital Throw

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