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I defeated every Frontier Brain in Emerald except Anabel
I've defeated every Frontier Brain in Platinum
Almost got a Gold against Palmer

So here is the story; In Emerald I fought Anabel she had an Alakazam, Snorlax and Entei
I had, Blaziken, and two others I can't remember.
I just remember it was my Blaze vs her Snorlax. Sky Uppercut missed and her Lax used Earthquake which I thought would OHK me. Me hoping Sky Uppercut OHK her Lax used it again but it "hung on by the skin of its teeth" and I lost.
I lost against Palmer because his Regigias confused my party and I kept on getting hit by confusion lol
We be tryna catch em all!
Because inside each of our Pokeballs'
Lies great potential, for us to evolve
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