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    Water-type Challenge (Johto): Update 1

    Bobby (my rival) was HORRIBLE...until I taught Fury Cutter to Godzilla. Well anyways, Whitney was soloed by Ralph's (HerpDerp from the previous post) and his Dig, which saved him from a couple of Rollout's and a Sky Attack from Clefairy. O_O Morty was a team effort from Floopy and Ralph, poor Floopy got KO'd by Shadow Ball from Gengar. Taught Floopy Shadow Ball just before I saved. I wonder what's in the odd egg...

    Up Next:
    -Catching a Marill and later a shiny Gyarados as party members.
    -Finding a Good Rod to fish for Chinchou with.
    -Defeating Chuck, Jasmine, and possibly Pryce

    Screenshots (amazing that a phone emulator can take screenshots, LG Android FTW)


    Team Flood:

    Godzilla the Female Croconaw
    Level 25
    Fury Cutter
    Stats: 75/49/49/42/44/42

    Ralph the Male Quagsire
    Level 25
    Rock Smash
    Stats: 88/59/59/42/42/30

    Floopy the Male Slowpoke
    Level 24
    Shadow Ball
    Stats: 81/45/42/27/27/21

    Slave the Bellsprout: For Cut and Flash

    If anyone cares about the story that I made up for my UMC's, check this spoiler

    The Story: 17 special people ended up being chosen to be Type Masters! (don't freaking know why) They are sent to 5 regions (via something along the lines of the Animus for Assassin's Creed, like Animi Avatars) to train and conquer the specific regions with their selected type.
    (Brooke: The Chosen Water-type Master) She started with Johto, which is irregular for Type Masters to do, usually starting in Kanto. Ever since finding out about Suicune, she has wanted to capture it, but cannot use it. (A little rule I made for myself: You may capture minor legendaries if they correspond to the type, but DO NOT USE.)

    The Legend Begins...


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