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Originally Posted by deku View Post
Here is my final team:

Serperior / Lv78 / Leaf Blade, Strength, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power (Ice)
Leavanny / Lv79 / X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab
Whimsicott / Lv78 / Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Hurricane
Sawsbuck / Lv78 / Jump Kick, Faint Attack, Horn Leech, Megahorn
Ferrothorn / Lv78 / Power Whip, Thunderbolt, Gyro Ball, Bulldoze

For this final leg of the challenge I decided to name Sawsbuck MVP for its versatility. However, Ferrothorn came in a very close second and Whimsicott and Leavanny in a close tie for third. I felt that all of my team performed very well except for Serperior, whose stats don't really match any play style that I like to use.
Congrats! You are the first person to complete an Ultimate Challenge since I took over!

I should be updating the Challengers/Champions list tomorrow, since it's my day off.