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People, people, people!
Your comparing an old game to a new one, in my mind thats like comparing night & day. There's no comparison when you do that.
Look at all the games that it would be pointless to do so:

Spyro the Dragon - Skylanders
Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy XIII
The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
(these are just the most common examples)
Or Atari - Playstion 3
Comparing these games to one another are about pointless, they are all top games of their own times.

I started with Pokemon Yellow & Red so they will always be close to my heart, i still play them once in a great while. Yes the graphics & game play are totally different from Black(2) & White(2), yet you can't match the game play of a classic. I've played them all except for Diamond, Pearl & Platinum. I still plan on getting them all Just like the pokemon evolve so do the games, sometimes with new challenges, others with new places to explore & some with both Though I love what GF has done with pokemon so far, I'm sure the next game will be even better
With new games there will always be people with different opinions, some who will love them & those who hate them.
Most can say that everything I've typed so far is just a matter of my own opinion, then again thats their opinion
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